Summary of 26th Lower Silesian Science Festival (Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki 2023)

On September 18-22, 2023, our Project once again participated in the Lower Silesian Science Festival.

Participants of the 26th edition of the Festival took part in project-based classes held at the University of WrocławDepartment of Climatology and Environmental Protection. For the youngest, there were lectures titled Will SMOG Eat Us? and a workshop entitled Clean Energy.

For a slightly older audience, we have prepared lectures titled:

  • Is chimney a killer?
  • Air quality in Wrocław and Lower Silesia – causes and effects
  • Smoky stoves and fireplaces – what does the anti-smog resolution tell us?
  • Aerosols – small particles of great importance
  • Air quality research in the digital age

We have also prepared workshops using our e-learning platform, titled: Weather and air quality.

Our classes were also held online. In this formula, we have prepared two lectures:

  • Is our air quality improving?
  • Nature photography – how and when to photograph “smog”?

In addition to the project classes, the Department of Climatology and Environmental Protection also held other lectures and workshops, devoted not only to weather and climate, but also to other aspects of environmental knowledge. The youngest participated in shows titled: Weather phenomena in your cup?, and Limestone “pasta” and “fried eggs”, or secrets and curiosities from caverns and caves, as well as in outdoor activities entitled How to observe the weather in the Department’s meteorological garden.

Older students could learn about the properties of soils during the classes prepared by the Department of Physical Geography entitled: What are we trampling over? – many faces of soil, learn something about bioallergens during classes Allergy grows with polen, or look into the world of lightning during the classes Watching storms, how to stay safe?

In total, over 1,153 participants took part in this year’s edition of the festival activities organized at Department of Climatology and Environmental Protection, including 348 people in LIFE-MAPPINGAIR/PL project activities. We hosted people not only from Wroclaw, but also from Legnica, Zgorzelec, Korzeńsko, Bielawa and Leszno.

Thank you very much for participating in the event! At the same time, we would like to inform you that the end of the Festival does not mean the closure of our lectures and activities. Schools interested in participating in our lectures and workshops are welcome to contact us to arrange classes.

Email: tel. 71-348-54-41

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We present some photos from the event below.